The Cost of Getting Healthy Update

by admin on May 21, 2010

My first several trips to the grocery store after deciding to get healthier and lose weight were rather expensive.  I kept hoping that the cost would go down after I’d stocked up on basics or figured out a cheaper way to do it.  But, I wasn’t optimistic.

I’m not sure quite what happened.  I’ve experimented with cheaper options, but when I’m already limiting my calories, it’s hard not to buy the foods I prefer.  Somehow, though, I am back to spending about $50-60  a week at the grocery store, which is right within my budget.  I think the difference is that I’ve found some cheaper snack options and I’ve gotten a lot better about curbing my terrible habit of wasting food, especially produce.

The real test is going to be getting through this Southern California Summer without a gym membership.  I’m making my return to exercising, I’ll have to update you on that later.

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