On (Still) Not Buying Stuff

by admin on May 3, 2010

Here I am, starting month seven of not buying stuff.  I think I can count the exceptions I’ve made on one hand (nail polish in December, laptop and Weeds (seasons 1 and 2) and 30 Rock (season 3) in January, and the 30 Day Shred in April.  I’m probably forgetting something, but you get the idea.  You also get the idea that I have a DVD problem.

As I’ve said before, once you get into it, it’s really not that hard.  January, as you can see above, was a rough month, but since then, I’ve become extra awesome at not buying anything.  Being incredibly busy has something to do with it, but if I wasn’t trying to get out of debt, then I’m sure I could find many opportunities to spend. The internet makes it easy.

Last week, I probably felt the most tempted I’ve been in a long time.  As much as I’d like to play up the drama for the sake of this post, there was still no chance of me actually doing anything.  I’m well trained now.

I was tempted only because dressing like a homeless grad student is starting to get to me.  I was sitting next to this older guy in class and he was wearing nice and new-looking jeans and a button down, well-ironed shirt and I thought to myself, “I used to wear new jeans too.” I felt kind of slobbish in my well-worn jeans with the cuffs curling up and the denim fading more all the time.

But, I have nicer clothes I could wear if put in the effort to choose something other than jeans.  I don’t currently have the time for such efforts, because I’m always working, so I will still go ahead and blame my sloppy clothes on my debt.  My resolve is strong not to buy any clothes.  As it gets to be Summer, I can reach for capris and, as I continue to lose weight, I can reach for the nice jeans I have in a smaller size.

I think it would be cool to get through the end of the year (or until I’m debt free), which would be 14 months total, without buying any new clothes.  I know I can make it through the Summer, but Fall is something else.  We’ll see.

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