An Update With Some Shopping

by admin on May 17, 2010

My mind has been out of the financial sphere for a while.  It’s still something I think about very regularly, but I haven’t been crunching the numbers every other day and reorganizing my charts at every opportunity. For no other reason than that I had too much else going on.

Two Saturdays ago, after finishing my first semester as a PhD student, I actually did a little bit of shopping.  I’m not sure whether to state it matter-of-factly or more as a confession, because I feel both ways about it.  This semester has been so busy that I haven’t even missed shopping, because I wouldn’t have had any time for it anyway.

I kind of missed the mindlessness of browsing stores for things I don’t need.  For the best and worst reasons, I decided to let myself do a little bit of it.  I bought some cream blush and some lipstick for a total of about $25.00.  Then I decided to order these sandals from Target (couldn’t find them in stores), because I needed some nicer sandals to wear to work this Summer.  With shipping, they were $3o.00.

Even though I’d thought through every purchase except for the lipstick (I like to buy lipstick and then wear chapstick), I still felt pretty guilty about the whole thing.  I guess the old mindlessness came with the old guilt.  I came home from shopping to find my car registration renewal form in my mailbox and I was thinking that my money should have gone toward that instead.  The whole thing just felt irresponsible.

I swore off shopping again, but then late Tuesday night I happened to notice that they’d finally released Daria: The Complete Series.  I was going to resist, I really was, but then I checked the price and it was only $27.50 on Amazon and then I checked everywhere else and it was $45, so I jumped on the good deal.  Good thing, because it’s now back up to $45 on Amazon.  I’m watching Daria as I type this and it was totally worth the money.

Friday, I was faced with my first real free time in forever.  And wouldn’t you know, I really felt the urge to go shopping.  I thought, “Oh no, it’s going to be a rough Summer.”  I couldn’t help but think of all the things I need.

I dealt with it by, you know, not going shopping and then the fever passed.  I think I’m going to make it through the Summer just fine.  The thing is that the stuff is nice, but it didn’t make any real difference to my life, which makes resisting it less and less difficult.

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